Tin Cans Calling Home


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released April 7, 2012

March, 2012 @ Torigoro Studio
Producer, Moriwaki
VO/GT: Ingrid Elias
BA: Matty Nusko
GT: Arase Yosuke
VO/DR: Okubo Atsushi



all rights reserved



G&Vo: Ingrid "Hangover Girl" Elias (イングリッド*エリアス)
Ba: Matty "不良外人" Nusko (マット*ナスコ)
Gt: Mall "Beer Wolf" Higashi (東キョウヘイ)
Dr&Vo: Atsushi "Speed Red" Okubo (大久保篤)

LEEWAY is from Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures in Japan.
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Track Name: Friday Night Drinking Song
5 o'clock has come, you know I'm feelin' fine, you know I'm feelin' alright
Hit the ground and run, you know I'm making my own way tonight
Cuz only city streets and bright lights can ease my troubled mind
When all I've got is time, so it's time to leave myself behind

And I just wanna forget
All the missteps and all the regrets, cuz you know next week I'm gonna do it again
And I can't help but think that, I've go the rest of my life, just to do it right
So why worry about just one more night?

1 o'clock has come, you know I'm takin' my time, to fall out of line
Been waiting around too long, you know it's time to leave this fuckin' small town
Bottoms up and spirits down, get one more round, I can't hear the sound
Of all my cluttered thoughts, as they silently fall to the ground
Track Name: Reason or Nothing
I don't think I can cope when it rains
It's easier to look away and face it all another day
All of my regrets they drag you down
My mind is busy but I can't see straight in this nowhere little town

Stop motion pictures fill my head
And the nights keep getting longer
As I lie awake in bed
You often spoke of broken days now passed

Well you know it gets harder when you sit alone and think
Repetitions of the same old sorry songs keep playing, you were once as young as me
We see-saw back and forth between awake and sleep
But there isn't a reason

Why to good things have to change?
The rain keeps falling down
Track Name: On Second Thought
I remember nights in spring when
We used to talk and think we knew everything
In that place between your house and mine
Back to back we let the world go by

I remember days spent singing along
To those tapes and CDs you leave in your car
While I wish things stayed the same
They go on and on changing anyway

While it’s only temporary, a second feels like an eternity
Hesitate and the moments over, right in front of me

I remember days gone by
When talking on the phone would make me cry
You’ve gotten so far away but
Nothing here could have made you stay

I fall into sleep, before arriving at B side of a record
In the inside of the time which stopped
It seems that only I get old
I look back, look down and think the morning sun rising again
I squint
Track Name: Broken Hearts and Unicorn Farts
If broken hearts could kill
Then I’ve already died
Too many times before
Tonight I’ve got my whiskey eyes
And a broken heart from all your lies
So shut the fuck up and drink your beer

Well I know everything means nothing
But that’s okay by me
Cuz to me my friends mean something
I’m gonna be a someone anyway

Well I’m not sayin’
But yeah, I’m sayin’
My friends mean more to me than you
Well I’m not sayin’
But yeah, I’m sayin’
You’ve burned your bridges now you’re through

Thanks a million but you’re wrong
There’s always so much more left to say
But you’ve wasted my time
You’ll be on your way
Shut the fuck up and drink your beer
Just shut the fuck up and drink your beer
Track Name: Making Up New Lines
I called you yesterday
It's been three years since I left it all behind
When did we stop having things to say?
I don't wanna feel like this
Stripped of the place I am from
A dozen nights out and that song we used to sing

We laughed the loudest at the jokes we made in my backyard
You hardly cracked a smile when we last talked
If I return, will it be the same despite time and change?
Or is it me that's done the changing this time?

I've been waiting around
Holding onto threads of things we used to wanna believe in
We aren't gonna give up
So we'll keep on talkin', hoping that the worst was said and done
Can we ever go back?
Some things weren't meant to last
Track Name: One For The Road
Sunday night, it comes too quickly
I think about when you, you said, “Give up.”
Summer ends, I’ve grown so weary of all the wrong turns
Empty promises we make

Roll the windows down
Turn the volume up
I can’t stand the sound
We’ll scream the lyrics out

Remember when, we drove all night just to hear my favorite song
And fell asleep in the car?
The best days, were those where I could turn to you and say
“This place is okay.”

Won’t hang around and I can’t sleep
This noise is killing me
Track Name: Cloudy After Five




At least tonight
At least tonight
Track Name: Bodies Without Organs
These broken heroes are my best friends
Late night coffee and cigarettes
Weary faces on your back porch
Talk of what could have been

We used to dream
Of Marigolds all day
But now we live
In past lives, false memory

I still remember
Who we wanted to be
I won't forget
The nights when we felt free

This new line of flight
Folds back into the whole
Stitch and bind our wounds up
Live for something a bit more true
Track Name: Indian Summer
You said forget me as you walked away on our last holiday
Can't say I blame you cuz you know, I don't do much these days
Giving in and giving up, although we'd like to change we don't
Those nights I got to stay, wouldn't trade them any day

As day break came I saw you, you were standing in the sunlight
I forgot how awkward life can be at times
But I don't wanna give up without looking back
Standing hand in hand, on the apex of my broken summer
I was young, and my voice was strained and I said I'd had enough
It's not your fault

I never wanted to get up and run away from you
But fucked up bits of memory come and haunt me late at night
Like standing hand in hand, on the apex of my broken summer
I was young, and my voice was strained and I said I'd had enough
It's not your fault

Please don't look back
You said forgive me as I walked away down the road we came
I finally knew it wasn't worth it anymore
Life is shorter than this you'd always say when I couldn't
Find the answer, but I guess, I never will
Track Name: Pictures We Keep
We do our best to hold on to our feelings and our memories
But they always slip through our fists like sand
I can't seem to quit smoking all these cigarettes
And wondering what tomorrow might not bring

I remember talking about our problems and anxieties
Then passing out in your messy room
You were the one always there for me and I'm so sorry
I can't be there for you to do the same

But those life lessons learned
At basement shows
I take them with wherever I go
And those life lessons learned
Back in Chicago
I take them with wherever I go

Pictures of you on my wall
Framed in hope of maybe being 17 again someday
Crooked smiles and life alight in our eyes
Reminds of what it's like to feel alive

Pop-up paper flowers and that scarf you knit just for me
All reminders that things won't be the same
It's hard to get back up without you here to carry me
But I guess that's how its gonna be
Track Name: Broken Fences
We are the waste of this world gone wrong
We fight to feel alive
We are what's left of the true and the strong
Privileged but deprived
We meet up in the deep of the night
Looking for an answer
But it ends in hopeless defeat
Tonight we're spitting blood and teeth

Another broken fence
Another fucked up mess
Four more tired eyes
Two rotten hearts put to rest
Another broken fence
Another fucked up mess
The stars won't shine tonight
To put our hearts to rest

Even if this city burns
We'll still be at the bar
Raise our glasses high
With our friends deep in our hearts