Sick Of Nostalgia


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released July 30, 2012

Torigoro Studios, June 2012
Producer, Moriwaki
Shirafu Records

VO/GT: Ingrid Elias
BA: Matty Nusko
GT: Mall Higashi
VO/DR: Atsushi Okubo



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G&Vo: Ingrid "Hangover Girl" Elias (イングリッド*エリアス)
Ba: Matty "不良外人" Nusko (マット*ナスコ)
Gt: Mall "Beer Wolf" Higashi (東キョウヘイ)
Dr&Vo: Atsushi "Speed Red" Okubo (大久保篤)

LEEWAY is from Kochi and Tokushima Prefectures in Japan.
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Track Name: Red Paper Moon
Dotted lines on a paper
Can only tell you as much as
Secret codes left uncracked and lost at sea
Fragments lifted from a notebook
Silence spills out the window
Listless stares from all the people that we see

Staying up late with no direction
Pinch myself just to have a reaction
Cheap beer on your back porch
Watch the city unfold in it's own due course
Bare feet on still warm black-top, rooftops
And the feeling the day's begun anew
I'm restless

A paper moon hung over us
And for a moment I felt older
Years and miles away from nightmares that we keep
Shadows dance in this blank room
So many questions left unanswered
Crooked faces in the mirror stare back at me

I look up, I look back, but I've gone nowhere
Right back to the place that we started from
There's no hiding the fact, not sure of anything
These paper things come so easily undone
Track Name: Doubts Are Quiet Things
Keep it together, our new mantra that we practice each day
Well I don't know, cuz it's harder than it sounds from up there
And these days I just don't feel the same, and things keep on moving along
I get so tired of playing this game

It gets harder as you watch what you built up fall back down
And I know, what we want won't always go our way
All those times I looked back and thought that it was all worth it
I still don't know anything
And I'm so afraid

When things stop lining up
And we feel like the end is near
We keep on tottering all over the edge
Won't admit when it's enough
So we'll drink and talk in what-if's
And stories we define ourselves on
Track Name: Small Town of the Living Dead
We draw lines that we can't cross
Boxing ourselves in
I've always wanted to be free
But you took care of that for me

I look down at my shoes, tied up in double knots now
I do my best not to come undone
Old dirt road, moon hanging low, I've got my drunken sway on
I try to scream but I've lost my voice

Patchwork of severed thread
This room is swimming through my head
Kick in the door, no one's home
I can't do this on my own

On humid summer nights
My throat gets tight and dry
I remember living life
Not just killing time

Sunset, sunrise, we never finish our goodbyes
Hearts sunk in concrete, shed our tears and then repeat
I've lost myself in the ebb and flow
Whispered parting words, blurred faces that I'll never know
Track Name: Losing Sleep
He wakes up every morning, it's 7 o'clock
Another day is lost
Can't fight the feeling he's going nowhere

He used to dream in color but now
Only pity paints his life
He sings his sad songs to an empty crowd
Ironically they cheer, they sway, and he thinks,
"What a wonderful time to die."

What's the point if everyday feels like ground hog's day
Wound up and left to spin on endlessly
He can't shake the thought that he's been here before
A dog lost in a maze of the day-to-day

I don't know where I'm going next but
The words seems to blur and fade to gray
He's been staring at the clock for an hour or more
But it won't tell him anything
Track Name: A Lie For My Life


Sick of nostalgia


My life written in free hand
Track Name: Remember To Remember
Well they say the more you leave the less you lose
But I'm always leaving and I'm always losing something
This hazy sway between the ashtray and the bottle
Isn't making anything clear, it just hurts a little less

Remember when those nights belonged to us
Lay on hilltops and watch the stars

I'm dreaming of the parts of me I've left behind
When these two years are done I hope there's something left to find
And I don't know quite when but I'll be seeing you again
With bruised and bandaged hearts, and a possible fresh start

This lonely open road
It feels like nowhere is home
I can only hope and pray
You'll be at the end of it someday